Saturday, November 2, 2013

How to have beautiful curly hair!

   Growing up I never really knew how to properly take care of my hair. It went through stages of being frizzy, or being flat on the top. I remember the times my mother would sit me down on my yellow crayon chair and attack my hair with a pick and a bottle of water (shudders). I was one of those little girls who wanted long straight hair, I hated having curly hair!  Through out the years I have learned to take care of my hair and embrace it! I cringe at all the flat irons and blow dryers girls are using on their damaged locks! Now that my hair is well taken care of, its sleek (and mostly) frizz free. I get compliments all the time, some people don't believe that its natural (like I have time to get up every morning and curl it, right!). So this is my hair routine that I use everyday to keep my hair looking beautiful and heathly!

Items needed:
  • ·        A non-silicone conditioner

o   Suave naturals is very good for this, I use daily clarifying and coconut.

o   I also use conditioning balm, it’s a generic 
  brand from sally’s beauty, however its very thick

  • ·        Shea moisture  gel soufflé (get at sally's or target)

  • ·        Hair gel that has php and no silicones

o   Herbal essences totally twisted hair gel works really well for me

  • ·        Microfiber  hair towel

o   you can get nice ones at Walmart, or cheap ones at the dollar store

After you have everything you need, shampoo your hair with your normal shampoo one last time, to wash out all the silicone's in your hair (I like to than take the bottle out of the shower so you won’t be tempted to use it).

·        Condition your hair with your suave naturals, I like to use the daily clarifying for this, use your fingers and wash your hair like you would if you were shampooing, scrubbing you scalp with the pad of you fingers,not your nails. 
o   If you feel like you need to shampoo your hair try limiting it to every couple of days or at least every other time you shower. Same with this step, the suave naturals acts as your shampoo, so you don't have to use it every time you shower.

·        Condition your hair again with your moisturizing conditioner
o   I like to pin my hair up with the conditioner in it, and rinse it out right before I am done showering.

·        When completely done showering, grab the gel soufflé  (a little goes a long way) and rub between hands to warm up. Than rake through you hair, hair should be very wet still. To rake make your fingers into a claw shape and run through hair.

·        After drying off, again warming up the hair gel between your hands, scrunch the hair gel in your hair.

  •  Using your microfiber towel, lay it out on your bathroom counter and gather your hair in the middle of the towel, than twist it up, this is called "plopping". The object here is to not twist your hair into the towel because this causes frizz.

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